Bring the Boardroom

out to sea

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Corporate incentives

Daily or long weekend events aimed at exploring nature, discovering the self and the team, braking ice among team members, revitalizing a sense of collaboration with corporate sailing custom made for your set goals for future achievements. Enjoy the leisure sailing, sail towards a common goal, and have unforgettable moments with cosailing coaching.

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Team building & Leadership

While all the packages are effective when experienced at all, team building and leaderships coaching event is the most essential and beneficial if the aim is to foster the team sprit among your target group. You will feel the importance of ‘be the member, be the leader’, ‘norm to perform’, ‘need for team effort’ while never forgetting‘the captain always has to the last say’! Create your team, lead your team, and set sail to achieve your goals with cosailing coaching.

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Communication & Motivation

Don’t lose time trying to break the barriers among your team members, just schedule a tailor made Cosailing event to enhance the communication skills and awareness in your team. It’s essential to ‘talk & listen‘ to survive in sailing. Each team member will build on qualities which remain latent within the office environment and utilize personel differences to improve performance.

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Stress management & Strategical thinking

There are many variables and possibilities out at sea- the weather, local conditions,personel and group dynamics...This gives opportunity to “understand and overcome problems, to change and adapt to current conditions”, “manage talent to meet set goals”, “ evaluate the alternatives to control the environment” and improve productivity while building your natural instincts with Cosailing coaching events.

Corporate Needs Tailor Made Coaching

Let’s define HR needs to sail heights