Tailor Made, experience based HR COaching


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Sail to learn how to establish strong connections with others


Change your vision and forget your usual habits in a completely new setting

Build team

Be the member, be the leader

Enable Productivity

Broden your horizon to predict the conditions on your path to success

Achieving Corporate Success

Develop the capacity of your HR at open seas

Corporate Sailing Company brings you one of the most effective and exciting, nature-challenging human resource building experiences. Achieving Corporate success requires proficiency in "effective interaction abilities among group members under challenging conditions" and "maximising team member performance to reach business goals."


Transform your group into a team as they work together to achieve a common goal.

Sailing is the ultimate experience that inspires bonding and team-work. Discover “yourself and your group” to learn how to turn crises into opportunities and peak performance while exploring new realms with your each crew on deck.

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Get together for a unique challenge

Push boundaries and cultivate relationships.

In cooperation with our professionals, you can design a specific corporate sailing event to improve upon specific issues within the team, such as; team building- leadership, communication- motivation, or stress management-critical thinking skills or just to relax as part of corporate incentives.

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The Difference

Experience true business performance improvements

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Cosailing delivers a tailor-made program developed around your business objectives.

The itinerary develop skills and content relevant to your business, leaving everyone involved with lasting knowledge that can be directly applied to the working environment.

Improving communication

Co Sailing & Co. builds effective communication. We will train each team member to execute different positions (trimming sails, steering, calling tactics, etc). Then we will rotate positions to let everyone have a go at the different roles. Crew members have fun while learning new skills.

Problem solving

As your skills develop on the boat, we may begin to control and alter the environment while coping with constantly changing conditions like weather, the boat and even yourself during the pre-set sailing scenarios. Key focus is always on effective communication and problem solving skills.

Improving productivity

Once the crew has acquired some basic skills, we begin to deal with racing conditions either during training or at real sailing competitions. You will be able to manage the talent and improve bonds among each member while succeeding in your goal...

Let’s Sail To Cooperate

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